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Natural ventilation is the environmentaly friendly way of cooling commercial and industrial buildings. 
In larger open plan buildings and factories, it is ideal for both day to day and smoke control applications.  Clear opening ventilators allow an unrestricted release for warm air collecting under the roof. 
Ensol rain sensing systems close the ventilators in wet weather and automatically re-open them once raining has stopped.
High aerodynamic efficiencies guarantee the best possible performance from our range of natural ventilators.  The products are available in a variety of sizes, control options and finishes to suit all applications.


  • Benefits


  • Natural (Free) Cooling - warm air is released at high level and cool air enters at lower levels.
  • Negligible running costs - environmentally friendly.
  • Self regulating - the ventilation increases as the internal temperature rises.
  • Silent operation.
  • Smoke ventilation benefit - Protection of building structure, occupants and contents in fire emergencies.
  • Natural daylighting (even in closed position with translucent option).
  • Various control options - electric or pneumatic.
  • Low maintenance - occasional cleaning only.
  • Weathered ventilation options allow ventilation in all weathers.

  • Natural Ventilation