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Warm air heating is a well proven, economical and energy efficient form of heating for most industrial and commercial buildings.  This form of heating provides even temperature distribution throughout the building ensuring comfortable working conditions for personnel. Protection for the contents and services is also achieved.

For maximum energy efficiency, these systems are generally used in conjunction with de-stratification fans (insert link to de-stat fans page) which help to prevent energy waste by reducing the temperature gradient

•    Energy efficient (typically 80-97% efficiency).

•    Fast warm up time even in extremely cold weather.

•    Suspended heaters don’t waste valuable floor space.

•    Models for free blowing and ducted applications.

•    Can be used to provide frost protection.

•    Gas/oil fired and steam/hot water models available.




Most products offered by Ensol are listed on the Government’s Energy Technology List. Products listed qualify for enhanced tax relief. The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change. See for full details